Scratch + Sniff is about a down-and-out father who attempts to broker a drug deal in order to make enough money to maintain partial custody of his young daughter.  Things go all wrong when his daughter is unexpectedly dropped off minutes before the deal is due to go down.
Crew List
Directed by Ben Griimes
Written by John Say
Produced by Miranda Montenegro + Sydney Sheren
Cinematography by Harnish Ambaliya
Production Design by Tristan St. Germain + Ariel Huang
Edited by Max Johnson + Lisa Ranran Hu
Sound by Gregory Roberts + Dasha Pimenov
Assistant Director Morgan Montgomery
Music by Mensa Deathsquad + Ben Griimes
Starring Travis Hammer as Horace Jockney
Starring Lilah Guglielmo as Myra Jockney
Starring Eddie Alfano as The Muscle

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