This is a commercial for FoodPanda. It was almost the end of the year, and FoodPanda tended to make a calendar of 12 months with good-looking deliverymen on each page for 12 individual months. We were shooting a
commercial to promote FoodPanda and the calendar. 

The director wants to create a sense of exposure in an industrial style. I was the art director of this film, using simple items and the client’s commodities to consist of 12 different sets. The items that FoodPanda provides are paper bags, cold storage bags, a box, a helmet, a grocery basket, a larger basket, and three kinds of delivery bags. I have to create different sets for 12 people using the same objects. I consider the training of repeat arrangements.

Crew List
製作公司 Production |後院影像Backyard Studio
監製 Executive Producer|孫絺堯 Jason Suen
導演 Director|劉禹辰 Franko Liu
副導 Assistant Director|陳仲宇 Martin Tan
製片Producer|孫絺堯 Jason Suen
執行製片Line Producer|彭晟樟 Ogison Peng
製片助理 Production Assistant|施譯棋 Yeechi Shih
攝影師Director of Photography|王丞宇 Willywangka
攝影大助1st Assistant Camera| 胡晉瑋 Old Hu
攝影助理 Assistant Camera| 張崇文 Chang,Chung-Wen
攝影組實習 Intern of Camera|陳致瑋 Rwei
燈光師Gaffer| 林余璠 YuFayme Lin
燈光大助|朱家葆 Bryan Chu
美術Art Director|黃鈴恩 Ariel Huang
剪輯師 Editor|劉禹辰Franko Liu
調色師 Colorist|李芷璇 Chih Hsuan Lee
後期特效 VFX|施譯棋 Yeechi Shih
字卡設計 Typograhpy Design|施譯棋 Yeechi Shih

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