This commercial video was shot for LMC & Co. It was used for the promotion of the product on Kickstarter. It is pet-friendly furniture—a lamp with a scratcher on its top. The lamp generates heat and attracts cats to rest on top or scratch the top part of the lamp. Due to the purpose of the video, which is to promote the product, there are several indicating slogans in the video.

At the beginning of the script development, I researched some reference videos from IKEA and MUJI, trying to develop the Japanese concise style. In the lighting setting, I would like to present a leisurely afternoon sunshine vibe for the daylight mode, and a soft-warming lighting vibe for the nightlight mode. As for the set design, I chose sofas, tables, carpets, and other furniture with similar colors in addition to the simple style. I have preset several scenarios: living room, bedroom, dining table. After cooperating with the director's script, I found that the living room situation would be more suitable. Later, some plants were put in the living room to add vitality.


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