Everyone has a ghost living inside them.
Hanna Tzong-Han Wu’s thesis production. A multidisciplinary dance performance interrogating human nature and delving into loss and grief.
Model Making & 3D Rendering
Crew List
Artistic director: Hanna Tzong-Han Wu
Production manager: Gin Xie
Choreographer: Hanna Tzong-Han Wu in collaboration with dancers
Dancers: Noah Am Ende, Chloe Madding, Gabriel Salazar, Hanna Tzong-Han Wu
Creative Writers: Ayla Combes, Brian Ffrench, Hanna Tzong-Han Wu
Video Designers: Brian Ffrench, Hanna Tzong-Han Wu
Film co-directed by Rafael A. López with Hanna Tzong-Han Wu
Cinematography, editing, color grading: Rafael A. López
Film cast: Annika Moseng
Film production assistants: Tokie Wang, Ariel Huang
Motion sensing technology: Justin Scheid
Composer, vocalist: Emily Tschirhart
Lyrics: Ayla Combes, Brian Ffrench, Emily Tschirhart, Hanna Tzong-Han Wu
Music: Mikhail, Suso Saiz, James Blake, Endel
Sound mixing: Hanna Tzong-Han Wu
Stage manager: Autumn Rodrigue
Scenic designer: Ariel Huang
Lighting designer: Lauren KO Dixon
Costume designer: Yi-Lun Chien
Graphic designer: Mia Moore
Poster photographer: Rafael Hernandez-Ispache
Poster designer: Mia Moore, Hanna Tzong-Han Wu
Special Thanks to: CalArts School of Dance Faculty

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